The Village is

a work training center to equip and empower unemployed youth in Uganda so they can find gainful employment.


The Vision is

that Ugandan youth are empowered to meet their own needs in culturally relevant and sustainable ways without outside involvement.


The goal is

to put well-trained, Spirit-filled, discipled people into the workplace.


We accomplish this by

training youth with job skills that easily translate into employment opportunities or small business creation


Once they are equipped

with relevant job skills, they will be empowered to meet their own needs without outside assistance thus fighting against:  

Lack of education


dependancy syndrome

The poverty mindset

the now


The Farm

The Village is a ministry of Heart for Uganda, an American 501c3 non-profit corporation.  We currently operate a training farm where we teach rural farmers relevant and sustainable farming practices through a tool called Farming God's Way. 

Farming God's Way is simply a tool of equipping to empower the poor to help themselves. It is not just a technology, but a well-balanced biblical, management and technological solution for the agricultural domain, to come out of poverty with what God has put in their hands, and to reveal the fullness of His promised abundant life. God’s Word brings the revelation and enlightenment that the yoke is first and foremost a spiritual yoke. If we only deal with the technical and management aspects we will not be able to deliver the poor. Learn more


The Training Center

We are also currently operating a Work 4 A Living center addressing issues many employers find with employees including:  poverty mindset, entitlement, dependency, lack of excellence, lack of moral values, and lack of self-governance. Students learn to be efficient, ethical, and professional. Graduates of the program leave equipped to be respectful, have effective communication, have good time management, understand the employer’s perspective, have biblical values and business ethics, and take ownership of their work and career. The center also includes a professional, non-profit job placement agency geared towards placing the best graduates from the Work 4 A Living center in the workforce. Learn More

The Need

We need a facility where we can conduct this skills training in a live environment. 


The Village will house businesses such as:

A CoffeE shop


farmer’s market

farm-to-table restaurant

guest house  

These businesses will be the pinnacle of excellence in every way and will allow students to gain practical training in the highest standards. 


The businesses will also be linked to non-profit organizations serving in the Jinja area so the profits of the businesses will be reinvested in the community.


A complex of buildings has been identified that can house The Village on a corner lot near the heart of Jinja town. 


The project will be completed in phases over several years.

Phase 1. A Coffee shop

Phase 2. bakery

Phase 3. farmer’s market

Phase 4. farm-to-table restaurant

Phase 5. guest house  

The cost to acquire the buildings will be approximately: 


This is where we need

your help

By investing in this project, you are investing in future of the youth of Uganda. 


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